Louis Kraml, Bingham Memorial and Medicare

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Louis Kraml, CEO of a hospital in East Idaho, is one of the Medicare Flexibility Program winners for the hospital that he is administering. The Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Program was created to be a mean by which healthcare services are improved and access to high medical performance procedures is sustained all over rural U.S. Due to this program, smaller hospitals such as the one led by Louis Kraml, which are located in rural areas in North America, are transformed and given critical care status, thus allowing the rural health care network to be sustained and developed. The Emergency Medical Services are also integrated and strengthened wherever this is necessary.

What type of hospitals can benefit from this funding program? According to Mr. Louis Kraml, only those which are located in the American states and have a certified Critical Access Hospitals can become potential beneficiaries. Every U.S. governor designates the medical entities that might receive the critical access certificate.

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Louis Kraml

In East Idaho, Louis Kraml announced close to the end of the year that his hospital has been elected as the recipient of a grant offered by Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility. This means that the hospital, together with its partner Idaho Doctors’ Hospital, has successfully managed to prove its medical importance in the region. The money will be used to purchase the Rural Healthcare Cooperative Quality Indicators system. The intention is to improve both healthcare and the patients ‘quality of life.

In a recent interview, Louis Kraml, Chef Executive Officer and Administrator of Bingham Memorial Hospital, has declared:  “We are very glad that the hospital has been chosen to receive the grant and over a short period of time all the patients in the Southern and Eastern parts of Idaho  will have access to improved medical care services. The intent is to create a national model for the rural hospitals and thus improve patient outcomes. I am more than confident that the money we have received will have great impact, and we will all see positive impacts in terms of outcomes that matter. We will enlarge our field of involvement as well, so that other rural hospitals in the entire country will be helped to provide better quality health services to their patients”.

Although the sum of 19,818 USD granted by the US Department of Health and Human Services to the hospital run by Louis Kraml is not a large one, it will be administered by the Idaho State Office of Rural Health and Primary Care, with the official and established intent of improving quality and performance in the medical activities that are performed in the hospital, as well as integrating Emergency Medical Services into the health care system.

At the end of the interview, Mr. Louis Kraml has acknowledged the dedication of the State Office of Rural Health and Primary Care towards raising the rural healthcare standards, as well as its intent of sustaining rural hospitals by means such as this one. He also mentioned the high quality of medical service provided by the researchers and the research staff at the hospital, as well as their dedication to bring top quality practice to the national level in rural hospital care.

According to Louis Kraml, there are four major directions that the Flex grants are meant to help: first, support of Quality Improvement in Critical Access Hospitals, second Support for Operational and Financial Improvement in Critical Access Hospitals, third Support for Health System Development and Community Engagement (including the integration) and fourth Designation of Critical Access Hospital in the State.

This is not at all the first quality improvement award that Bingham Memorial Hospital, the hospital run by Louis Kraml, has been given in 2012. It was also given the Small Hospital Improvement Program grant which helped the hospital receive access to the National Database of Nursing Quality indicators system.

Located in Blackfoot, Idaho, Bingham Memorial Hospital is a non-profit critical access hospital. Together with its partner, the College of Massage Therapy, at the end of December, Louis Kraml has announced the graduation of the 19th class, a program that provides patients with wellness enhancing massage therapy.  During the program, the students were prepared to practice in the field of medical therapeutic massage.

This is another proof that demonstrates the numerous efforts directed to the general wellbeing of all patients of the hospital which are considered “our guests”, said Louis Kraml, the Chief Executive Officer at Bingham Hospital Administrator. In addition to this, Mr. Kraml has said that the hospital is dedicated to do more than just the medical procedures:  “we want the people coming to the hospital for treatment to feel our care for them, so we are all interested in finding new methods of increasing their wellness and speed the healing and recuperating process”.

Due to the partnership with the College of Massage Therapy, massage students have patients to exercise on and the patients benefit from wonderful, invigorating massage therapy. Every student must perform a 20 hours internship at the hospital before graduating. The College of Massage Therapy is an independent and accredited program, whose owner has declared that massage will become in the future years  a good companion for any patient that has to spend several days or weeks in any hospital in the United States.

At Bingham Memorial Hospital, students work with patients in the maternity sector, the ICU, same day surgery and the skilled nursing facility. In many cases these students start their own businesses later on, opening spas, hospitals or working directly with chiropractors.

The dedication and continuous effort to provide high quality medical services to patients has once more been demonstrated by the recruiting campaign that Mr. Louis Kraml has started. The candidates for the residency should be Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic residents. All interested persons will find detailed information on a special web page dedicated to the recruiting process which can be found on the official BMH website. The team of doctors at Bingham Memorial Hospital is a highly trained one, but as Mr. Louis Kraml has stated “we are always interested in hiring specialists that, once hired, are also offered the possibility of greatly balancing work with family and leisure time”.

Idaho is well known for offering people great working places and the state was even mentioned as the best place to practice medicine in the U.S.A. according to Physicians Practice, a publication that reaches close to 200,000 doctors in the North American continent. In fact it is the second year in a row that Idaho has been given the first place due to the affordable prices and the flexibility of the medical system. “Being a doctor in Idaho only gets better”, says Kraml.


Green Trends in the Home Renovation Industry

More and more aspects of our lives are positively affected by the general green trend that can be easily noticed in all the countries where people have become increasingly aware of their responsibility towards the environment. It is happening also in the renovation industry and even in the bathroom renovation sector, where more and more people are replacing their bathtubs with walk in showers.

One of the easiest things you can do to demonstrate care toward the environment is to replace your old fixtures in the bathroom with completely new ones. The new faucets will be more efficient thus eliminating any unnecessary loss of water. You can also save water buying new low flow toilets, which provide two flushing options: a large and a small amount of water.

More and more companies have begun to sell these toilet models, as people have started to ask about them, since they also represent a quick, inexpensive way of saving a considerable amount of water. The same aspect is reflected in the way the showers are created nowadays, with some of them using various technologies that in the end help reduce the quantity of water that any person uses while taking a bath or having a shower.

The water droplet size, its velocity, the spray coverage and thermal dynamics are combined, so that the flow of water is wisely spread and lowered. For an even greener bathroom, you could use recycled glass tiles that will provide your bathroom a modern update, especially when used for the shower walls. More and more people give up their old bath tubs, so that they can install walk in showers, which are saving a lot of water when compared to the old bath tubs.

green home renovationPeople are also getting interested in investing in environmentally safe flooring. There are diverse eco friendly surfaces that have become more and more popular: bamboo, cork or even recycled linoleum. These surfaces are modern, look good and they do not cost a lot of money.

Green buildings use solar energy. Despite the high price associated to installing the necessary panels, people invest in them knowing that their money will be recuperated over a short period of time. It is true that the costs associated to the installation are high at the moment, but in the long term the investment will prove more than useful.

Old recycled denim jeans are nowadays used by homeowners to insulate their houses. There is no waste in the process of producing it, and chemical substances are not used at all. Time has already proved that this insulation has cut down the costs associated to cooling or heating bills all through the year.

Making larger windows so that one can benefit more of the natural light is another modern trend that cuts down the electricity costs. Large windows are also used in bathrooms, as this also means less use of electricity.

If you are interested in renovating your house, this should not necessary mean that you should start replacing things – you could re face instead of replace things! Don’t throw away objects that are still working and helping in the house on the sole reason that they are old. Repaint them, refresh the color and you will still be able to use them. As an example, this is a good idea when it comes to older kitchen cabinets that could last an entire life provided that their paint is freshened up from time to time.